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This is perhaps the most important of all of our duties.  A strict selection process means the best chance of a trouble free tenancy for all parties.
We thoroughly qualify all applicants by confirming current employment status, checking previous rental references in relation to prompt payment of rent, care of the premises & a good working relationship with the previous agent/owner, or in the case where the applicant has never rented before, selling agent reference or personal character references and we perform a search on the Australian & New Zealand tenancy database (T.I.C.A.) for any previous default records in egards to the applicant.  We then contact you, the owner,to submit the verified appliaction & discuss with you the suitability of the Applicant, seeking your further instructions.

All tenants are required to sign a General Tenancy Agreement (Form 18a) and an appointment is made for the Property Manager to go through with & explain the tenant(s) responsibilites, then have the new tenants sign all relevant documentation.  Tenants are then required to pay the first two weeks rent within 24-48 hours of your acceptance of their application and the full bond (an amount equal to four weeks rent) must be paid by the tenant prior to the tenancy commencement date & key collection.

Before the Tenant takes possession of the property, we complete a full Entry Condition Report, complete with photographic records.  The report details all fixtures, fittings and the condition of the property.  The tenant then has three business days to verify the report, making their own comments where necessary, sign & return the report to our office.  They are provided with a copy of this report for their records & a copy is also sent to the owner.  At the eventual vacating of the property by the tenant this report forms the basis on which the Exit Condition Report is compared - save for normal wear & tear.
Routine inspections providing detailed written & photographic reports are conducted every four (4) months.  Prompt advice is given to the Owner of any maintennace required, preventative maintenance &/or refurbishment suggestions to ensure the property will achieve its prime investment return.

We have a selection of professional and licensed trade companies we use on a regular basis all kinds of maintenance requirements.  However if you, as the owner, have your own preferred tradespeople their details can be noted on the signed Property Occupations Form 6 (Appointment & Reappointment of a Property Agent.....) and they will be called to attend to any regular &/or emergency maintenance.  Alternatively, if instructed as such, we will contact you prior to any general maintenance being carried out.  Emergency matters must be acted on in a timely manner & owners advised of as soon as possible thereafter.

Our Trust Account is closed off and and Owner Disbursement is run on the first working day of each month, but we do perform mid-month disbursements for those owners who require access to their funds more frequently.  Generally funds are electronically transferred directly to your nominated account or if you prefer, a cheque is posted.  Should you elect the EFT process your rent proceeds are available as cleared funds as soon as they are in your account (better than waiting five working days for a cheque to clear!)  We promptly email &/or post your statements with copies of any invoices for maintenance works, Council Rates, Insurance Premiums, Body Corporate Fees etc. which may have been deducted from the rental proceeds during the month.

We will contact you approx 2-3 months prior to the lease expiration date so that you can instruct us as to whether you wish to continue with the Tenancy.  At this point, we can also discuss rent reviews, etc.  We will then contact the tenant to seek their intentions and if all is agreed upon, have them sign the lease and a copy of this is sent to you with your end of month statement.